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The Wipp Valley sporting region is a genuine secret tip among ski touring fans. More and more sports enthusiasts are discovering for themselves the beauty and magic that unfolds in winter when conquering the mountains. Enjoying the tranquillity, feeling your pulse and making the first tracks on the slopes through virgin powder snow!

Your ski tour in Tyrol has an exciting start, turns spectacular and ends uniquely. Does that sound promising? You bet! The snowy mountain landscapes of the Zillertal, Stubai and Tux Alps, all just a stone's throw away from the Parkhotel Matrei, are the perfect backdrops for your adventure in the snow.

You don't have any skis but still want to throw yourself into fun in the snow? You have no sense of direction at all but can hardly wait to start your ski tour in Tyrol? That's not a problem with the Parkhotel Matrei. We will be happy to put you in touch with professional guides who accompany you on your ski tour in Tyrol and recommend our competent ski hire partner to you.

Impressive: Ski touring fun goes way beyond the borders of Tyrol. For example, in South Tyrol's Wipp Valley you experience as much diversity and natural beauty again as in Tyrol's Wipp Valley and at the same time enjoy all the benefits that the Parkhotel Matrei bestows upon you.

Numerous ski touring routes start close to the Parkhotel Matrei in the heart of the Wipp Valley. They all offer fantastic views and boundless skiing fun in powder snow. Anyone who thinks they can still resist this should take a look for themselves at the potential fascination in our Photo Gallery.

DestinationLocationStartClimbing timeDifficulty
Nösslachjoch   GriesNösslachstraße 2 hourseasy
KesselspitzeTrinsEgarte car park 4.5 hours medium
EggerbergGriesBridge in Vinaders 3 hours easy
BlaserTrinsEgarte car park 3 hours medium
Pfoner KreuzjöchlNavisKerschbaum estate 3 hours medium
Naviser KreuzjöchlNavisNaviserhütte car park 2.5 hours medium
OlpererValsTouristenrast restaurant 7 hoursdifficult
OttenspitzeSchmirnLorleswald2.5 hourseasy
MuttenkopfObernbergEnd of town 3.5 hoursdifficult 
SattelbergGriesCar park for people going on ski tours right below the motorway2 hourseasy
Kleiner KasererSchmirnToldern4 hoursdifficult
SerlesMühlbachlMaria Waldrast2.5 hoursdifficult
JochgrubenkopfSchmirnMädern2.5 hoursmedium
HabichtGschnitzFeuerstein restaurant5 hours difficult
GammerspitzenSchmirnLorleswald3.5 hoursmedium
DestinationLocationStartClimbing timeDifficulty
Saxner – 2,356 m RatschingsFlading/Ratschingts2 hours | 850 metres in altitudeeasy
Pfundererjoch –
PfitschFußendross/Pfitschtal4.0 hours | 1,200 metres in altitudemedium
Rotbachlspitze – 2,894mSteinStein/Pfitschtal3 hours | 1,200 metres in altitudeeasy
Zinseler – 2,420 mSterzingZieslhof3 hours | 1,000 metres in altitude medium
Fleckner – 2,336 mRatschingsFlading/Ratschings2.5 hours | 820 metres in altitudemedium
Wolfendorn – 2,780 mPfitsch Pfitsch/Jörgnerhof4.5 hours | 1,300 metres in altitudedifficult
Hühnerspiel – 2,748 mGossensaßCar park/Winter path4.5 hours | 1,450 metres in altitudedifficult
Aaglispitze – 3,195mPflerschStein car park4.5 hours | 1,710 metres in altitudedifficult
Maurerspitze – 2,628mPflerschStein car park3.5 hours | 1,300 metres in altitude medium
Kleine Kreuzspitze – 2,513 mRatschingsFlading3 hours | 1,100 metres in altitudemedium

Important: Never forget your probe, spade and avalanche transceiver on your ski tour in Tyrol and always obtain the latest avalanche report before starting.

The host's tip

"Woadl am Hoadl" – a fine tour for the start to the season over 770 metres in altitude with great views

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