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Ski touring in Wipptal

Host Florian Obojes is a passionate ski-touring skier himself.

From an insider tip to a hotspot – in Wipptal, eager and ambitious ski touring enthusiasts meet in search of unforgettable nature experiences and the most beautiful descent from summit to valley. The Parkhotel Matrei provides the perfect setting for a successful day of ski touring. The location is simply perfect: close to the Brenner motorway and just a stone’s throw away from the entry points to the snow-covered mountains of the Zillertal, Stubai, and Tux Alps.

More and more winter sports enthusiasts are discovering the profound beauty and joy that unfold when conquering the mountains in winter. Ascending through the snowy winter wonderland at your own pace, you’ll be rewarded with sweeping vistas at the summit before you eagerly descend across the deep, powdery snow below. Are you ready for your first ski touring adventure? Our team at the Parkhotel Matrei will be happy to find you a professional guide and competent ski rental partner. Numerous ski touring routes start from the Parkhotel Matrei in the heart of Wipptal, and there are many others in the Zillertal and Stubai Alps. Unforgettable views, soft powder snow, and great feelings of happiness beckon. If you just can’t wait, get some inspiration in advance in our gallery.

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Tour tips for your ski tour in Wipptal in Tyrol

Destination Location Starting point Ascent Difficulty
Nösslachjoch Alp Gries Nösslachstraße road 2 h easy
Kesselspitze peak Trins Egarte car park 4.5 h moderate
Eggerberg mountain  Gries Vinaders bridge 3 h easy
Blaser mountain Trins Egarte car park 3 h moderate
Pfoner Kreuzjöchl Navis Kerschbaumsiedlung 3 h moderate
Naviser Kreuzjöchl Navis Naviser mountain hut car park 2.5 h moderate
Olperer mountain Vals Touristenrast restaurant 7 h difficult
Ottenspitze peak Schmirn Lorleswald 2.5 h easy
Muttenkopf mountain Obernberg End of the valley 3.5 h difficult
Sattelberg mountain Gries Parking for tourers directly under the motorway 2 h easy
Kleiner Kaserer mountain Schmirn Toldern 4 h difficult
Serles mountain Mühlbachl Maria Waldrast 2.5 h difficult
Jochgrubenkopf mountain Schmirn Mädern 2.5 h moderate
Habicht mountain Gschnitz Feuerstein restaurant 5 h difficult
Gammerspitzen peaks Schmirn Lorleswald 3.5 h moderate

Tour tips for your ski tours in South Tyrol’s Alta Vall’Isarco/Wipptal

Destination Location Starting point Ascent Elevation gain Difficulty
Saxner – 2,356m Ratschings Flading/Ratschingts 2 h 850m easy
Passo di Fundres/Pfundererjoch –
Pfitsch Val di Fizza/Pfitschtal 4 h 1,200m moderate
Creda Rossa/Rotbachlspitze peak – 2,894m Stein Stein/ Val di Fizza/Pfitschtal 3 h 1,200m easy
Cima di Stilves/Zinseler mountain – 2,420m Sterzing Zieslhof 3 h 1,000m moderate
Fleckner peak – 2,336m Ratschings Flading/Ratschings 2.5 h 820m moderate
Spina del Lupo/Wolfendorn peak – 2,780m Pfitsch Pfitsch/Jörgnerhof 4.5 h 1,300m difficult
Hühnerspiel mountain – 2,748m Gossensaß Winterweg car park 4.5 h 1,450m difficult
Aaglispitze peak – 3,195m Pflersch Stein car park 4.5 h 1,750m difficult
Mt Muro di Fleres/Maurerspitze – 2,628m Pflersch Stein car park 3.5 h 1,300m moderate
Piccola Punta di Montecroce/Kleine Kreuzspitze peak – 2,513m Ratschings Flading 3 h 1,100m moderate


Always remember to carry a probe, shovel, and avalanche transceiver with you on your ski tour, and always get an up-to-date avalanche report before you start.

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Host’s tip:

"Woadl am Hoadl”. This fantastic tour, with a vertical gain of 770 metres, is an excellent choice to kick off the season and enjoy a magnificent view.

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