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Adrenaline kicks and breathtaking views

Wipptal is a cross-border region that includes South Tyrol’s Alta Vall’Isarco/Wipptal and the side valleys of Val di Fleres/Pflerschtal, Val di Vizze/Pfitschtal, and Val Ridanna/Ridnauntal. A visit to this region is highly rewarding, as it offers a rich blend of cultural, culinary, and active experiences. Mountaineering and climbing in Wipptal are particularly attractive because the routes are varied and easy to reach, and the views from the summits are breathtaking. The mountain ranges that stretch between the Zillertal, Tux, and Stubai Alps boast an intriguing combination of limestone, granite, and slate formations. Not only do they showcase unique geological features, but they also present sporting challenges of varying difficulty levels that cater to everyone from beginners to ambitious professionals.

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Hiking and climbing in the heart of the Zillertal and Stubai Alps

The alluring peaks of Serles, Olperer, Habicht, Hammerspitze, Naviser Kreuzjöchl, Muttenkopf, Wolfendorn, and Mislkopf attract nature lovers and active holidaymakers to our active hotel at the Brenner Pass, where they can enjoy an eventful stay. In this remarkable landscape, hiking, climbing, and mountaineering are pure enjoyment. A good fitness level and a great sense of adventure are the keys to unlocking breathtaking panoramic views of this incomparable natural landscape. By the way, St. Jodok, Schmirn, and Vals in Tyrol have been part of the exclusive circle of “mountaineering villages” in Austria since 2012 and are well worth a visit from the Brenner Pass.

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We have compiled some tips for mountaineering and climbing in Tyrol.
Of course, we will be happy to advise you personally during your stay!

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Mountain tours in Wipptal

Tour Location Starting point Ascent Elevation gain Difficulty
Hammerspitze peak Trins Village centre – church 3.5 h 1,360m moderate
Naviser Kreuzjöchl circuit Navis Kirchenwirt restaurant 3 h 1,200m moderate
Muttenkopf mountain Obernberg End of the valley 4 h 1,200m moderate
Lake view trail Obernberg Gemeindesaal (community hall) 5.5 h 935m moderate
Wolfendorn mountain Gries Lake Brennersee 6 h 1,470m difficult
Sattelberg mountain Gries Vinaders church 2.5 h 844m moderate
Kirchdachspitze peak Trins Leiten district 5 h 1,560m moderate
Waldraster Jöchl Matrei Maria Waldrast 1 h 240m moderate
Habicht mountain Gschnitz Feuerstein restaurant 5 h 1,960m difficult
Feuerstein mountain
Ranalt Nürnberger mountain hut 5.5 h 990m difficult
Serles mountain Matrei am Brenner Maria Waldrast 2.5 h 2 ,714m moderate
Wetterspitze peak Gschnitz Bremer mountain hut 1.5 h 600m moderate
Tribulaun mountain
Gschnitz Feuerstein restaurant 7 h 1,658m moderate-difficult

Via ferratas and climbing parks in Wipptal

Tour Location Starting point Ascent Elevation gain Difficulty
Peter Kofler via ferrata    St. Jodok St. Jodok Stafflach 15 min ascent
1 h 45 min. of climbing
300 m C
via ferrata
Gschnitz Gschnitz 3 h ascent
1 h 45 min. of climbing
1.200 m ascent
300 m of climbing
St. Magdalena climbing park Gschnitz Gschnitz 1 h ascent 1.675 m
18 routes
1-3 pitches
Obernberg climbing park Obernberg Obernberg Waldesruh 10 Min. ascent 1.400 m
22 routes
1-2 pitches
Olperer Vals Touristenrast restaurant 7 h 2.130 m difficult
Fußstein Vals Touristenrast restaurant 7,5 h 2.100 m difficult

Mountain tours in South Tyrol’s Alta Vall’Isarco/Wipptal

Tour Location Starting point Ascent Elevation gain Difficulty
Gran Pilastro/Hochfeiler mountain 3,510m Pfitsch Passo di Vizze/Pfitscherjoch – at the third bend 9.5 h 1,840m difficult
Cima Amthor/Amthorspitze peak 2,748m Gossensaß Village square 7.5 h 1,650m moderate
Cima del Tempo/Wetterspitze peak 2,705m Pflersch Edelweiß mountain hut 4.5 h 930m moderate
Mt Gerla/Kraxentrager 2,985m Pfitsch St. Jakob 8 h 1,680m    difficult
Cime Bianche di Telves/Telfer Weißen peaks 2,583m Pflersch Edelweiß hut 4.5 h 980m easy
Piccola Punta di Montecroce/Kleine Kreuzspitze 2,515m Ratschings Flading 6 h 1,030m mmoderate
Seeberspitze peak 2,562m Pflersch Edelweiß mountain hut 2.5 h 730m easy
Creda Rossa/Rotbachlspitze peak 2,894m Pfitsch Edelweiß mountain hut 3.5 h 1,050m moderate
Tallone Grande/Hohe Ferse mountian 2,669m Ridnaun Ridnaun 5 h 1,960m difficult

Via ferrata & climbing parks in South Tyrol’s Alta Vall’Isarco/Wipptal

Tour Location Starting point Ascent Elevation gain Difficulty
Via ferrata:
Pflersch Hotel Feuerstein car park 10 min ascent
2.5 h of climbing
450m B
Climbing park: Stahlwand Innerratschings Flading 15 min   4 to 8b
Climbing park:
Sprechensteing Kofl
Sterzing Below the castle 2 min 20 routes  5c to 8a
Climbing park:  
Sterzing Below the castle 1 min 10 routes 3 to 5c

Host’s tip:
the Peter Kofler via ferrata. A very rewarding via ferrata tour with a short approach and perfect protection.

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