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Mountaineering & Climbing
Mountaineering & Climbing
Mountaineering & Climbing

Adrenaline and breathtaking views

Mountaineering and climbing in the activity resort of Tyrol

The mountains are calling! So that you can also call out "Hail the mountains" one or two times high over the valley and perpetuate yourself in the guestbook at the peak we have put together the best tours for mountaineering and climbing in Tyrol for you. Perhaps you will even meet a few genuine Tyrolean originals on the way who will make your journey a bit easier with a sincere "Servus!" 

Tyrol and the Wipp Valley are ideal for climbing and mountaineering. The mountain ranges between the Zillertal, Tux and Stubai Alps are characterised by limestone, granite and slate and not only provide unique scenic views but also varying levels of sporting difficulty to conquer the summits. Serles, Olperer, Habicht, Hammerspitze, Naviser Kreuzjöchl, Muttenkopf, Wolfendorn and Mislkopf are just a few destinations for true mountaineers and passionate climbers. By the way: St. Jodok, Schmirn and Vals in Tyrol have belonged to the exclusive circle of "Mountaineers' Villages" in Austria since 2012.

South Tyrol's Wipp Valley with its side valleys Pflerschtal, Pfitschtal and Ridnauntal creates a diverse backdrop for hiking adventures and climbing experiences. The Wipp Valley is a cross-border region that impresses in every scenic, cultural and sporting respect.

Some prerequisites for unique climbing experiences in Tyrol are a respect for nature, the required level of fitness and a spirit of adventure. You are rewarded with breathtaking panoramas and an unparalleled natural landscape. We have already put together a few tips for mountaineering and climbing in Tyrol for you in advance. We are of course happy to also personally advise you at the hotel!

TourLocationStarting pointTime required for ascentMeters in altitudeDifficulty
Hammerspitze   TrinsTown centre – church 3.5 hours 1.360 mmedium
Naviser KreuzjöchlNavisKirchenwirt restaurant 3 hours 1.200 mmedium
MuttenkopfObernbergEnd of town 4 hours 1.200 mmedium
Lake view trail ObernbergCommunity hall 5.5 hours 935 mmedium 
WolfendornGriesBrenner lake 6 hours 1.470 mdifficult
SattelbergGriesVinaders church 2.25 hours844 mmedium
KirchdachspitzeTrinsLeiten district 4.75 hours1.560 mmedium 
Waldraster JöchlMatreiMaria Waldrast 1 h240 mmedium
HabichtGschnitzFeuerstein restaurant5 hours 1.960 mdifficult 
RanaltNürnberger Hütte5.5 hours 990 mdifficult
SerlesMatrei am BrennerMaria Waldrast2.5 hours 2.714 mmedium
WetterspitzeGschnitzBremer Hütte1.5 hours 600 mmedium
GschnitzFeuerstein restaurant7 hours 1.658 mMedium to difficult
TourLocation Starting pointTime required for ascentMeters in altitudeDifficulty
Peter-Kofler via ferrata   St. JodokSt. Jodok Stafflach15 minute ascent to start
1 hour 45 minute climb
300 mC
via ferrata
GschnitzGschnitz3 hour ascent to start
1 hour 45 minute climb
1,200 m start of climb
300 m climb
St. Magdalena
climbing park 
GschnitzGschnitz1 hour ascent to park1,675 m
18 routes
1-3 rope lengths
climbing park
ObernbergObernberg Waldesruh10 min ascent to park1,400 m
22 routes 
1-2 rope lengths
OlpererValsTouristenrast restaurant7 hours 2,130 m difficult
FußsteinValsTouristenrast restaurant7.5 hours2,100 mdifficult
TourLocationStarting pointDurationMeters in altitude Difficulty
Hochfeiler  Pfitsch3. bend – Pfitscherjoch9.5 hours1,840 mdifficult
AmthorspitzeGossensaßVillage square7.5 hours1,650 mmedium
Wetterspitze 2,705 mPflerschEdelweißhütte4.5 hours930 mmedium
Kraxentrager 2,985 mPfitschSt. Jakob8 hours1,680 m    difficult
Telfer Weißen 2,583 mPflerschEdelweißhütte4.5 hours980 measy
Kleine Kreuzspitze 2,515 mRatschingsFlading6 hours1,030 mmedium
Seeberspitze 2,562 mPferlschEdelweißhütte2.5 hours730 measy
Rotbachspitze 2,896 mPfitsch3. bend – Pfitscherjoch3.5 hours1,050 mmedium
Hohe FerseRidnaunRidnaun6.5 hours1,960 mdifficult
TourLocation Starting pointTime required for ascentMeters in altitudeDifficulty
Via ferrata:
Auf den Lampskopf
PflerschHotel Feuerstein car park10 minute ascent
2.5 hour climb
450 mB
Climbing park: StohlwandInnerratschingsFlading15 minutes4 to 8b
Climbing park:
Sprechensteing Kofl
SterzingBelow the castle2 minutes20 routes5c to 8a
Climbing park:
SterzingBelow the castle1 minute10 routes3 to 5c

The host's tip

Peter Kofler via ferrata – a really worthwhile via ferrata tour with short ascent and perfect safety guards

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